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watchmen swap

Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be running a Watchmen themed craft swap over on Craftster so if you’re a member and interested we’d love to have you! I’ll post a link to the actual thread when I open the signups but in the meantime keep a look out of it!
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It's pink because, while I have a blue that matches the one on the pilot, my friend that wanted one for her birthday last year, picked out the pink from my collection of brocade.


Community pimp

Hey all, after a bit of a search I realized that there is no costuming/cosplay community for Repo! The Genetic Opera so I made one!

L as an Easter Egg

We dyed Easter eggs today. I made some weird ones but this is the one I'm proud of:

Death Note,L,L Lawiet,Easter,Easter Egg,Egg

Death Note,L,L Lawliet,Easter,Easter Egg


Ninth Doctor Doll

Second in a Ten part series,Nine! is here. My doll of the Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who. I have made Ten, also, and I plan on making One through Eight as well, Even Eleven after he comes into being. :)

Revolutionary Girl Utena Coffin Box

So on Craftster there was a challenge to make something inspired by your favorite fictional character. I chose Utena.

Utena Coffin Box!


More pics over here at the craftster site.

If you're on Craftser, go vote (for whomever) in the challenge tomorrow! I'll provide a link when one appears.

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L figurine

Started playing with clay again. And by again I mean not since the fourth grade.

I made L from Death Note.

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He's actually pretty cute; I'm proud. He's the new mascot for my car.


This is sortof crafty, myself and two friends just spent the last week and a half writing, recording and editing an iRiff (Think MST3K) for the Twilight Movie

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Who swap

I organized a Doctor Who and spin offs swap over on Craftster and I thought I'd share what I made:Collapse ), and what I got:Collapse )

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