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Chibi 'Psych' Plushies.

In case these have been *everywhere* on your flist (or maybe it just feels like it to me, lol) .....this shall be my last pimping, I promise! The lovely me_maneuver  suggested I post here, and, since I'm in full-on pimp mode, I thought, why not!

I present to thee; SHAWN and LASSITER  (links go to their respective posts) chibi plush dolls from Psych.  Warning for those who are opposed to possible plushie slash, Lassiter's post has a couple of Shawn/Lassiter moments, though the "lap" moment is totally canon, so... ;)


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I was in a Firefly swap and an Avatar the Last Airbender swap. Lots of pictures
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Is this community limited to only the geeky type of fan stuff or can it be anything? My crafts are inspired by many things.. from Dr. Horrible to Pinky and the Brain. 
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watchmen swap

Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be running a Watchmen themed craft swap over on Craftster so if you’re a member and interested we’d love to have you! I’ll post a link to the actual thread when I open the signups but in the meantime keep a look out of it!