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fandom_crafters's Journal

Fandom Crafts
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A haven for the wonders of handmade geekery.
This community is supposed to be a fun place for crafters to come and display their work, and for everyone else to come and see all the fun stuff that gets made by crafting fans, so there are just a few simple rules to follow so that we can keep everything shiny.

1. No trolling.

2. No off-topic posts. There are plenty of communities out there to announce events and share random information about your chosen fandom. This community is for the sharing of crafts. If the post you have in mind does not have something to do with a craft of some sort, then you probably shouldn't make it here.

3. Please, if you are posting many or very large images, place them behind a cut. One or two smallish images are fine, but anything more should be put behind the magical cut.

4. All types of craft are welcome, from painting and drawing to knitting to sewing and quilting and anything like that. This community is not really a place for sharing icons and wallpapers and other photoshop items. Posts containing these will be welcome if they include also one of the above listed crafts. Posts consisting only of photoshoppity things will not necessarily be deleted, but the poster will be reminded of the m.o. of the community.

And now, fun links!

Geek Crafts - A lot of great, fun stuff there.
Fandomknit - An lj community like us, only just for knitting.

*the moderator reserves the right to delete any post determined to be offensive or hopelessly spammy or otherwise unacceptable.